Who I Am And What I’m Doing

Hi there and thanks for visiting the site! Everyone Loves Movies was created as place where anyone can come simply to revel in their love of movies, because that’s exactly what we do!

But who am I? My name is James Story and together with my good buddy Ben I’ll be exploring, musing, discussing and debating movies and the culture around them in the hopes that you’ll join in too. We all have our favourite movies, but why? Why are some movies seem as ‘timeless classics’? What problems do young film-makers face trying to break into the industry? What’s up with Nicholas Cage? No, seriously. What’s up with that guy?

The internet is full of many sites that give you the latest film news, reviews, interviews and industry rumours. Everyone Loves Movies is not one of those websites. We aren’t professionals, we don’t have industry experience, we certainly don’t have any contacts and, in the end, who doesn’t already have a go-to source of information for everything they love already?

Rather than join in the crowd trying to badger you to listen to our side of the latest stories, I ask you to sit down, pour a glass of your tasty beverage of choice and kick your feet up to chat about the movies you love and why you love them.

Each ELM episode is devoted to something different about the industry we love. Film history, our favourite quotes, the role of soundtracks, movie marathons, the academy award culture, almost anything is game as we aim to provoke intelligent and passionate discussion.

Any movies we bring up with be micro-reviewed and bound together with the podcast so you can get a quick taste on any movies you haven’t heard of before. These reviews are all one hundred words or less with a summerising three word quote and a whole bunch of lovely articles found elsewhere on the web so you can keep reading about the best movies around. We believe in concise, succinct reviews because, more importantly, we want you to watch the movie and make your own mind up!


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