Marathon Maker: What the Hell Am I Doing Driving in LA?

With glamorous lifestyles, beautiful beaches, and the home of Hollywood itself, Los Angeles is the setting of some film’s all-time greats. From action greats like Die Hard and Speed to Hollywood love letters in the form of Singin’ in the Rain and The Artist, the LA landscape has been given the spotlight in ever-changing ways ever since becoming the backdrop for film noir.

For this marathon, we’ll be looking at a very particular facet of LA: its night-life. Which, of course, is full of terrible people doing terrible things. Because LA is a living dream by day and a cesspool by night. The following movies trawl the streets finding everything from neon clubs to murder and drugs. Let’s see how each one tours the city, and see if I can make it so you never trust a stranger trying to lend you a ride ever again.

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Marathon Maker: You’ve Gotta Have Faith

While I’m not a follower of a particular religion, myself, interpretations and explorations of it as an idea through artwork has always interested me. Faith has brought us some of the world’s artistic masterpieces, and it’s also destroyed countless of those who see it as a way to channel the divine word. Religion is also an easy way to establish a character’s behaviour when we’re just getting to know them without it seeming cheap, with the rest of the story using their beliefs as a guide towards glory or a framework to show their personal failure. And thus, we find religion as this marathon’s focus.

Some of my absolute favourites are in here and trust me, it’s just a coincidence that they all end in some form of personal ruin. If great stories are about characters going through undeniable change, then surely there are great tales to be told of the men and women that start on high, and whose only way is down.

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Marathon Maker: Shoulda Woulda Oscar

As I’ve mentioned in previous ELM episodes, the Oscars are a field of great interest to me. It adds an air competitiveness to a subjective field, like handing out awards at the end of a sport’s season. You can look at the numbers all you want, in the end, people will like what they like and the awards have to go to someone. What’s left, after years of ceremonies, is something of a special club that only a select few films can claim to be a part of. And what that club bears the name “Best Picture Winners” you know there’s going to be room for disagreement.

The simple fact that giving out awards at the end of a calendar year is foolish. Films are brought into the world alive, are loved and inspire the future over years or sometimes decades. Titanic award victors (no pun intended) fade away from the public eye, meaning it is curious when looking at the other nominees how things could have gone. Are these films lessened by not winning the award? Absolutely not. But that doesn’t mean they didn’t deserve to win.

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Marathon Maker: What’s Love Got To Do With It?

There are so many movies expounding the virtues and joys of love, but only a few that take a critical look and relationships and the nature of attraction. These are the movies I look at today, spinning honest, unusual or speculative tales concerned with showing how we deal with love as much as how we pursue it.

Let’s look at the selfish, unreasonable and downright stupid decisions we make, fumbling our way down the road of romance as well as those moments that we want to last forever and we might just grow and learn to love ourselves a little more.

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Marathon Maker: A Very Merry Story Family Christmas

Everyone has their favourites, but Christmas is a sacred time for films in the Story household. We don’t like to mess around. It’s a time for grabbing something to eat, complaining at each other, turning the tree lights on, my Dad fumbling around because he’s got more remotes than you can shake a stick at, and watching Christmas movies. These are our favourites, and I’d like to think that we can help you get into the Christmas spirit by giving you our own Christmas movie marathon.

Now, there has been a great debate, not within my household but rather across the world. Whether Die Hard is a Christmas film, or merely a film set at Christmas time. These have lead to heated debates as to which virtues a ‘Christmas film’ should have. Is it in the setting? Plot? Release date? All I can say is that I’ve ran the tests and there’s no conclusive way for me to say Die Hard isn’t a Christmas movie. With that peace said, I can calmly ensure you that it actually didn’t end up making this list.

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Marathon Maker: Saturday Night At The Movies

Overstated as it may be, we are consuming more media than ever before. Netflix has spearheaded a culture of marathoning whatever we want. Youtube shows, TV box-sets and, of course, movies. On a night with the friends over, a takeaway ordered and more than a few beers in the fridge, nothing beats a few films to while away the hours.But what should you watch? So many suggestions and not everyone can always be pleased. And this is where these Marathon Maker segments come in. I’ll be giving you my picks for themed movie marathons you can enjoy whatever the occasion.

But what should you watch? So many suggestions and not everyone can always be pleased. And this is where these Marathon Maker segments come in. I’ll be giving you my picks for themed movie marathons you can enjoy whatever the occasion.

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