Published Elsewhere

I’m a busy guy, writing things not only for this blog, but websites all across the web. You can read what I’ve been up to on with the links below:

Leeds Student Newspaper

Student Clipping

From 2011 – 2012 I wrote for the Leeds Student University newspaper, writing film reviews, opinion pieces and covering the 2011 Thought Bubble Comic Convention in Leeds. You can read my content in the PDF files here.

From March 2013 to February 2014 I wrote entertainment article for, mostly as top 10 lists and covering film, television, video games, sports and popular culture. A small sample of my published articles can be found below along with my complete author page:

10 Common Mistakes Comic Book Movies Make

10 Iconic Classical Songs You Only Know Because Of The Movies

Doctor Who: 10 One Off Monsters Who Should Return (And The Stories They Need)

9 Movie Villains Who Are Really The Victims

How And Why The Superman/Batman Team-up Movie Will Work

10 Serious Moments From Sitcoms

The Hollywood News

THN Clipping

From August to December 2013 I wrote for The Hollywood News, reporting film and television news, reviewing films and writing feature pieces. Below is a sample of my best work, as well as a link through to my complete author page.

THN Advent Calendar Day 21: Arthur Christmas

‘Gravity’ Countdown – #4: Space And The Movies

Milius DVD Review

How To Survive A Plague Review

My Complete Author Page

Guest Posts Around the Web

Brash Gaming SnipI’ve done some guest posting and websites contributions all over the web, which you can find a list of below:

Brash Games: Can Nintendo Ride Amiibos Into The Next Generation?

Writer Loves Movies: Guest Post: James Loves Groundhog Day

Kermode and Mayo share

My ‘Best Picture Winners – According to Rotten Tomatoes’ research and infographic received some wonderful attention from around the web, making it to the top of r/movies and the front page of Reddit, over half a million views from Imgur, coverage from The Escapist, InverseBGR, Yahoo News and Someecards as well as a wonderful share from Kermode & Mayo (pictured)!


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